VW Flash v.62 | 2.07 GB

VW Flash v.62 | 2.07 GB

I don't know if you guys have checked out VW.com lately, but I did last night, and I'm thoroughly impressed. Anywhere you go on the site, you will find an equally immersive environment full of smooth animation, and rarely a seam anywhere. This site is the kind of quality we should strive for.
The procedure is approximately as follows:

1. Put the DVD in the drive (or mount. ISO image file, if you believe in
drive letter and it ...), you need to check it in a folder and Ediabas
file Ediabas.ini!
2. Start "I Diag"
3. Go Engine 01
4. If you have a new DVD S / W, than ECU, the function 19 will appear!
5. 19 Control unit S / W upgrade

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