Windows 9 Rumored to Release in November 2014

   While Microsoft at the moment is working on Windows Blue - the first significant improvement for Windows 8, the company is additionally planning Windows 9, the next standalone Windows operating-system predicted to hit the market sometime next year.
Based to a post on Soft-forum and noticed by gHacks.net, Windows 9 is rumored to appear in November 2014, although the first beta is in the works and must land on January 7.
July 2014 should deliver the Windows 9 Release Candidate, while in October Microsoft is expected to officially force the new Windows 9 to RTM.
Obviously, these are only rumors and absolutely nothing is proved to date, but because so many insiders are showing that both Windows Blue and Windows 9 are in the works, there’s surely some real truth right behind all these stories.
Windows 9 Beta - January 7, 2014;
Windows 9 Release Candidate - July 2014;
Build 2014: a presentation of Windows 9 RTM - October 2014;
Windows 9 release is scheduled for November 2014.
Windows 9 development has already begun!

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