Windows 7 Home Premium + Ultimate SP1 x86/x64.Update 08.2011

Made from the official SP1 RTM DVD-ROM, so if you have the key, it should work. You can not install any other version than Ultimate and Home Premium, since they were removed from the DVD. But you have the ability to install any 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version. Now, for your convenience OS Predaktivirovanna DAZ's Windows Loader v2.0.5. DVD recording will require dual-layer disc. If you do not have double-layer disc, you have to use Shrinker tool to remove part of ISO, so he climbed on a single-layer DVD.

System requirements:
* 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit processor
* 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM
* 16 GB of free hard disk space
* Support for DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM,
At least 128 MB of graphics memory

What to do with this image ISO:
- Do not extract the files from the ISO, so you lose the information that makes it bootable.
Option number 1: Burn to DVD, using your favorite burning software (Nero, ImgBurn, etc.) at a slow speed.
Option number 2: Burn the ISO file on a USB-device (at least 6GB) with Windows 7 USB / DVD Tool.

DVD / USB Boot Options:
Now you can choose the following options when booting from the DVD / USB-device:

1) Install Windows 7
2) restoration of the Windows 32-Bit
3) restore Windows 64-Bit
4) Windows 7 Live CD (PE3)

Live CD is a cut down version of Windows 7, which works with DVD / USB devices, and comes packed with a variety of applications, ready for use.

How to install if you have a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Key:
- Extract the contents of the ISO image to your hard drive.
- Use Shrinker Tool to remove the pre-activation of the ISO, and create a new ISO file for future use (option 4).
- Install Windows 7 and enter the product key. You can choose to automatically activate if you wish.
You may have to re-enter the product key as soon as the operating system to make it real.

How to install if you do not have genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Key:
- Do not need to do to crack the ETT DVD, as it will be pre-activated for you (installed Windows Loader, etc.).
- When Windows has finished installing, just reboot the computer and Windows will be true and ready to work.

Additional settings / codecs / Programs:
While your computer is under the installation is complete, a window with more options and programs you can install. All of this can be disabled if you do not want to install them.

Using Shriking Tool:
- Strip about 250MB-1.1gb included additions (not including the version Windows), but does not remove the update.
- To use it, or run it from the DVD / USB-device, or you can extract the ISO file to your hard drive.
- Run the file "shrinker.exe" and select the Hard Drive (with at least 12 GB of free prostrantsva) to extract the DVD to him.
- If, for example, chose drive C, you will find the ISO to the newly created folder C: \ WIN7TEMP.
- In version 1.3 Shriking Tool will also include the ability to delete revisions of a file ISO.

Topics Manufacturer:
This DVD will also determine your equipment and can set the theme for the next PC / laptop:
(If you want to remove this OEM information from your computer, you can use the Ultimate Windows Tweaker)
Acer - Advent - Alienware - Aquarius - Asus - ATComputers - BenQ - Casper - Compaq - Dealin - Dell -
DellXPS - ECS - eMachines - Exper - Founder - FSC - Fujitsu - Gateway - Genuine - Gigabyte - Greatwall -
Haier - Hannspree - Hasee - HCL - Higrade - HP - Hyrican - Hyrican - IBM - JooyonTech - Kraftway - KSystems -
Lanix - Lenovo - LG - Medion - MSI - NEC - Nokia - Olidata - Packard Bell - Panasonic - Quanmax - Samsung -
Semp Toshiba - Sony - Synnex - Systemax - Tongfang - Toshiba - Trigem - Twinhead - Viewsonic - Viliv -
VMware - Wortmann - Zoostorm

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why did you include update KB971033?
A: Two reasons. The first of them in the interests of people using the original keys. The second is that running Windows Loader you make the right move, but it does not mean that the later your OS suddenly no longer be true. In other words, KB971033 -> Loader = good, Loader -> KB971033 = bad.

Q: Can I download new updates when they come out?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I mount via DAEMON Tools and install it that way?
Answer: No, I would recommend recording on DVD (or USB-device more than 6 GB) and do a clean install. Just make sure you've backed up all your data.

Q: Would it work with BootCamp (Macintosh)?
Answer: The idea is to be, but I personally have not tested it.

Q: Why is my PC so long reboots?
Answer: Because all of the additional programs, such as, NET ustanovlivayutsya at the moment, and it may take a few minutes but not hours. Some systems can get stuck in the moment, but this is not a major problem and will not hurt you install Windows.

Q: Can I use this CD to upgrade from Windows Vista (or XP)?
Answer: He should be able to, but if you're running XP / Vista 32-Bit, you can only install Windows 7 32-Bit. A clean installation is expected in any case, and if you're running 32-bit and want to install 64-Bit, and vice versa (64-bit XP / Vista can not install Windows 7 32-Bit, at least, I do not think so).

Installed Programs:
. NET Framework version 1.1 (32-bit versions of Windows)
. NET Framework v4.0
Adobe Flash Player 10.3 (32-bit IE / Firefox)
Adobe Flash Player 10.2 (64-bit IE)
Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5
DirectX 11 (June 2010)
Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Redistributable Package (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable Package (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable Package (32/64 Bit)
RogueSpear's Other Runtimes v3.3.0
Sun Java2 Runtime Environment 6 Update 25 (32/64 bits)
Malicious Software Removal Tool Windows - August 2011

DOWNLOAD  5 GB / 6 PART /1gb each part--- links saved in txt file ( download it ) 

updated  11- otober - 2012

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So that's the best edition till now?I want to download it as fast as I can and that SP will help alot and Thank you for uploading that my friend thank you so much.

yeah its the best edition withe update thanks for comment

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