Intel to focus on Ultrabooks, Windows 8 at forum

ntel will put its large spotlight on Ultrabook laptops and Windows 8, among other technologies, at its annual developer conference next week.
In a keynote on September 14, Mooly Eden, general manager of the PC client group at Intel, will describe the "transformation of the PC" being driven by Ultrabooks at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), according to an overview of the forum CNET received from Intel today. IDF begins next Tuesday. 
Lenovo's U300s Ultrabook is extremely thin but boasts relatively long battery life.
(Credit: Lenovo)
Ultrabooks are very light, very thin Windows laptops that compete with the MacBook Air. The core hardware includes Intel second-generation "Sandy Bridge" processors and solid-state drives or, in some cases, hybrid hard disk drives. Meant to emulate tablets in some respects, Ultrabooks are also designed to have instant-on capability and relatively long battery life despite their compact size .
Greg Welch, who heads Intel's Ultrabook group, is expected to lead a session titled "PC Client Platform Innovation," which covers the "shift to smaller form factor PCs which drive new consumer innovations" and "Intel's vision for...this new class of device," according to Intel's IDF Technical Session Catalog abstract.
Another Ultrabook-related session on September 13 states that "delivering [a] substantial increase in battery life mandates a brand new approach to power management in a mobile PC." Another session is entitled "Next Generation Display Technology for Ultrabook," hosted by both Intel and South Korea-based LG.
Windows 8, Microsoft's next major operating system, is also slated to received plenty of attention. A session on September 14 titled "Microsoft Windows 8 on Intel Architecture" will "provide a glimpse into the upcoming release of Microsoft's next operating system release Windows 8," according to an abstract. That session will be led by both an Intel engineer and Microsoft product managers.
And a Q&A session titled "Intel and Microsoft Windows 8" will take place on September 15.
Other sessions will include "Thunderbolt Technology Tutorial: Enabling New and Exciting Products," covering the new connection technology currently being used on Apple's MacBooks; "SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0): Ecosystem and Emerging Device Classes," which covers the latest generation of USB technology; and "Technology Insight: Intel Next Generation Microarchitecture Codename Ivy Bridge," which discusses Intel's next generation of processors due next year.
Other topics in focus will include cloud computing and advances in such areas as "extreme-scale computing, contextual awareness, and near-threshold circuit topologies that dramatically reduce energy consumption."

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