Forget to Log Out in facebook ? Help is on the Way

Forget to Log Out in facebook ? Help is on the Way

You control your experience on Facebook. Control isn’t just about deciding what you share and with whom you share it; it’s also about being able to keep your Facebook login secure.

Soon you’ll see a new way to take control of your account. You’ll be able to log out of any Facebook session that you may have left active on another computer or device.

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s phone to use Facebook and then forgotten to log out before you handed it back? Maybe you logged in from a public computer, but accidentally walked away with your Facebook session still active.

Now, you can see if you’re still logged in on other devices and immediately log out on those devices from one central control in your account. This feature is rolling out gradually. Once it’s live for you, you can try it under the “Account Security” section of your Account Settings page.

There, you’ll see all of your active sessions along with information about each one. That information includes the login time, device name if you’ve previously named it through our login notifications feature, the approximate location of the login based on IP address, and browser and operating system.

In the unlikely case that someone accesses your account without your permission, you can shut down the unauthorized login before resetting your password and taking other steps to secure your account and computer.

You should have the best tools possible to control your account and information, and we’re working hard to improve our tools and your security. In May, we announced a login notifications feature that allows you to approve the devices you use to access Facebook and be notified immediately if your account is ever accessed from a device you haven’t approved.  

Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months for more improvements, and like the Facebook Security Page to receive helpful tips and information on how you can stay secure both on and off Facebook.

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