Importance of Buying a Top Level Domain Name

Importance of Buying a Top Level Domain Name

Even though you have enough money on your hands, buying a domain name is quite challenging. Why I am saying so? Because selection of a domain name and a domain seller is crucial for the success or the failure of a business. So don’t forget to read my previous posts on Factors to be considered while selecting a domain name and How to select a domain seller to buy domain name.
Top-Level domain name
After posting few posts related to buy domain name from a trusted domain seller, I posted an article on best domain sellers I came across during my blogging life. Thereafter most of the readers (almost all are free domain users) contacted me through my Contact form and asked me why it is so important to buy a top level domain name. Once I think about the importance of buying a top level domain name, I got so many points in to my mind. But I selected few most important points to share with you.

Before discuss the importance of top level domain names, you should know what are those top level and sub level domains separately.

Top level domains;

A Top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domain names at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the web. As an example the domains consists of www.yoursite.com are considered as top level domain. Read More on Top-Level domains HERE


Sub-domains are the domains that are a part of a large domains. They also known as Third-level domains. As an example a domain name consists of www.yoursite.blogspot.com is consider as a sub domain. In this example your site is a part of a large domain name as blogspot.com. Read more on Sub-domains HERE

Now you know what are sub-domains and what are top-level domains. Let’s see why buy a top-level domain is so important for a blogger;

1. Easy to remember

The TLD (Top-Level Domains) are easy to remember since they don’t have long URL. People will easily forget longer URLs rather than the short URLs. So with a TLD you can make a short and descriptive domain for your blog. This will increase the number of repeated visitors on your website.

2. Make secured sense inside the customers mind

The people don’t like to purchase any item through a website with a sub-domain. It sense unsecured for the customer. Even though you have a very secure purchasing system, people will never make any payment through your website until it updated with a top-level domain. The TLD built trust on your customers mind.

3. More SEO friendly

The TLDs are considered as SEO friendly domains by SEO experts. They ranked higher on search engines. You can add keywords inside you TLD and they ranked in a high position on search engines. So you will get more traffic to your blog with TLDs

4. More support from advertising networks

Now a days most of the advertising networks prefer Top-Level domains rather than sub domains. This is most probably due to the huge list of spam blogs with sub domains. Even the most popular ad networks including Google adsense, Buysell adsand etc. are preferring TLDs.
These are the main importance of a top level domain. But there are lot more advantages of having a top level domain. So my advice is to buy a top level domain from a best domain seller on the market.



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