Best Domain Name Registers To Buy Domain Names

Best Domain Name Registers To Buy Domain Names

Buying a domain name is a crucial step to determine the success or failure of a business. Domain register companies are getting more and more businesses due to increasing demand on top level domain names. Therefor prior to buy domain name you should consider the vital factors on domain selection. I have already discussed Top 10 vital factors to be considered before buy your domain name in one of my previous posts. And another article has already addressed on the factors to be considered while selecting a good domain name provider.

This article is going to be slightly different from both of the previous posts, because here I am going to introduce you the best domain registers in world wild web. As we all know there are hundreds of services are operating on web. But the best are always best. Here are the best domain name registers;

1. NameCheap.Com (1 year = 9.98$)

namecheap buy domain name

Namecheap is a ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. It was founded on year 2000. At the moment they have over 500,000 and they are managing around 3,000,000 domains at the moment. As the name suggest they offer top level domain names with a competitive price. Following is a screenshot taken from Namecheap.com to display the current prices of new domain names. But they have coupon codes where you can buy domain name below the mentioned rate of following screenshot. Usually you can buy a [dot]com domain name for $9.98 at anytime.

Namecheap.com is my favourite domain name register and they have 24/7 day solid customer support. All of my domains are registered at Namecheap except one domain. I personally know their effective customer support.

Then this domain provider provides you a list of freebies with your domain name. Free URL and e-mail forwarding, free transferring of domain, domain parking and customization and domain redirection to your own host are included to this freebie package.

2. Godaddy.Com (1 year = $11.99)

godaddy domain name buy domain name

Godaddy.com is the world largest ICANN accredited domain registrar founded  on 1997 which consist of more than 10 million of customers by now. There are more than 52 million domains are registered through this domain seller.

Their usual domain price is about 11.99$, but they also have different coupons that gives some huge discounts on buying domains. Some coupons allow you to buy domain names even at about $5.

I have one domain registered with Godaddy.com and I contacted them too on several issues. So I know their customer support is great. It is a 24/7 day solid customer support.

3. 1&1 (1 year = $4.99)

1&1 domain names

One of the cheapest domain name provider on web. First year they charge only $4.99 per domain, there after they will charge $9.99 per year. So this domain provider is a good place for the people who are looking for cheap domains.

All 1&1 domain registrations consist of a  five-page starter website, one email account (consist of 2GB of storage) and free private domain registration. The company provides free domain transferring service as well. They also provide 24/7 day customer support.

4. Name (1 year = $10.99)

name.com domains

Name.com is another domain seller in current domain market. It goes beyond the regular domain selling. It shows you the domains which are on auctions. But other domain providing services will not show you the domains which are on auctions. They only say the domain is unavailable. This is also a famous company in domain business.

Above four domain sellers are the top domain name providers on web. I can highly recommend both Namecheap.com and the Gadaddy.com for buying a domain name for your blog. Because I am using both services for my blogs. The 3rd and 4th services are also good and I read lot of reviews before writing this articles. But I can’t say exactly since I never used that services for domain registration.

My advice is always look at the quality and never think too much about money. The only difference between the best domain provider and the cheapest domain provider is about $5-$6. Don’t think too much to spend that $5-$6. If you think too much on it, you may end up with suffering because you are going to caught in to a poor quality domain provider. So go for Namecheap.com or Godaddy.com to buy your domain.


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