Get Paid to Click at Clixsense | Clixsense Payment Proofs

Get Paid to Click at Clixsense | Clixsense Payment Proofs

clixsense payment proof

Here's how you can start making money at Clixsense:
  1. Click here to register for a FREE Clixsense account.
  2. Go to VIEW ADS. Click the available ads one at a time. Be sure to let the timer end and wait for the confirmation that you have been paid for clicking the ad. This is what you will be doing everyday.
  3. Install the TOOLBAR too so you are updated if there are new ads to click. This is helpful especially if you are online most of the time.
  4. To earn more, go to the AFFILIATE page and learn how you can earn more with referrals. The more referrals you have, the more you earn.
  5. UPGRADE TO PREMIUM if possible. Your click earnings will be much higher as a premium member thus allowing you to earn faster.
How you get paid? Clixsense pays thru Paypal, Alertpay, or LibertyReserve. Its good to have at least one of these payment processors or better register on all if you are really serious about making money online. You don't need to pay anything to register on these processors. Please read our FAQ for more info on how to turn your dollars to cold cash.

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