How to Get Massive Referrals for Free

How to Get Massive Referrals for Free


If you are already a member of Clixsense, login to your account and go to the affiliate page. You should see there live proof that it is very possible to get dozens of referrals everyday!
Now I will teach you how to get dozens of referrals each and everyday but first you should understand that getting referrals has always been a numbers game. The more "traffic" (visitors looking into your referral link) means more chances of getting referrals.
There are 2 main ways to get traffic: the free way or the high way (paid advertising). Not everyone can afford the high way/paid advertising so let's get started with the free way.
Here are some of the top sites where you can get traffic for free:
1. Websyndic  and getref.com - I just discovered this recently and has proven to be effective. This is an autosurf program. This means that you visit other sites in exchange for credits. These credits can be used so that other members can also visit your site. I like this better than any traffic exchange program because you can just leave the program open while you are online and doing other stuff earning you credits automatically. For free members, it is possible to get 2,000+ traffic/day that's 60,000+ traffic/month. For paid members, you can get 5,000+ traffic/day that's 150,000+ traffic/month! It is virtually impossible for you not to get any referrals in this program.
2. Facebook Fanpage - You can create your own fanpage or you can visit other popular fanpages. Post your referral links there but do not spam. If you are creating your own fanpage, start letting your friends know about it to increase "likes". Make it viral so your audience will grow in time.
3. Facebook Groups - Post your referral links in popular groups or you can create your own group and add suggested friends and inform your friends to add their friends too. This is also viral so your audience can grow in time.
4. Safelists - These are email marketing programs where you can send solo emails to thousands of targeted members. Most of them are FREE however you can send to more members if you pay for it. Here are some of them: Adchiever, 10kchallenge (more safelists inside this program),
If you want to try the high way then you should be prepared to have a budget for paid advertising. Here are some of the top sites where you can get the most effective paid advertising:
1. Neobux - You think free members are the only ones making money in this site? The truth is, the advertisers are the ones making more money here. For $15 you can get over 10,000 traffic within 24 hours.
2. Clixsense - You can also try to advertise in the clix grid. Its cheaper there. For $17 you can get over 15,000+ traffic in 30 days.
3. Vtrafficrush - This is a cool viral banner advertising you can take advantage for free however you can get more benefits if you pay for the upgrade plus earn from its affiliate program.
There are hundreds even thousands of ways to get referrals. Be creative. Get your referral links exposed all over the internet and you should see results fast.

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