Wallpaper Slideshow Pro 2 6 0

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro 2 6 0

Key Features:

* User friendly interface with full context-sensitive help
* Displays an unlimited number of images
* Displays images randomly or sequentially
* Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP file formats.
* Can change wallpaper automatically after a specified time period (e.g. every 60 minutes)
* Can change wallpaper on every Windows startup
* Automatically resizes images to fit your screen size, it has advanced options to limit resize of small images or to fill the screen without distorting images.
* Automatically displays frames around your images
* High quality image resize (bicubic with prefilter)
* Can use a different background color for each wallpaper
* Use a system tray icon for an easy control of the software
* Ability to hide your Windows desktop icons
* Display a preview of selected wallpapers
* Multi monitor support. Each monitor can have a different wallpaper or a single wallpaper can be spanned on all monitors.
* Smooth wallpaper change using a dissolve transition effect
* Can display custom captions with Exif,IPTC,XMP metadata support
* Can overlay on wallpapers a monthly calendar
* Can save/restore desktop icons positions
* Hotkeys to quickly change wallpaper or start the screen saver
* Images can be assigned to groups to easily and quickly switch from one set of images to another one. For example a set of images to be used when in office and another one to use when at home.
* PlugIns support
* Easy install/uninstall

size : 4 MB

Download here

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