Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 3: List Bliss, Infinity Blade II update, Glass Balance

Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 3: List Bliss, Infinity Blade II update, Glass Balance

Spend less time in the grocery store this weekend with the help of cloud list app List Bliss. The app allows you to share your lists over an Internet connection and even synchronize shopping, so you and a pal can get everything on your list by doing half the work each. You can use the time you save to play games including another big content update to Infinity Blade II that adds new story elements and enemies to kill, and Glass Balance, an arcade title in which you need to match colored pieces of glass to score points like in a match-three game, all while balancing them on a platform to keep them from falling.

List Bliss (iPhone, iPad) Free

The main goal of List Bliss is to cut down on the time you spend in the grocery store every time you need to go shopping, by trying to make the whole endeavor more efficient. Using cloud technology, List Bliss allows you to access your grocery list wherever you are, which means that everyone in your family can contribute to it on the fly, and you can use it to track what you’ve got at home and what you need to pick up.
The app also makes the shopping part easier. You can see categories available in the store to which you’re headed, scan barcodes on the items you already have to add them to your list so you know exactly what you want to pick up, and read product reviews before you make decisions. You can even split your list with a buddy with the “synchronized shopping” feature to divide and conquer at the grocery store.

Infinity Blade II update (iPhone, iPad) $2.99 (normally $5.99)

Another free content update has just hit the award-winning Infinity Blade II, adding the new “Skycages” levels to the sword-fighting role-playing title. As always, players have to work through a series of duels in the game in which they’ll fight hulking beasts and agile warriors, swiping to match swords and parry attacks in each battle.
The update opens a new area of the game for players to explore, and with it come new enemies to defeat. You’ll also learn more about the immortal Deathless, the creatures at the heart of the Infinity Blade universe that usually need an introduction to your sword. The update throws in a new type of weapon to master – the energy blades – and adds 30 or so more items to find and use in your quest, as well as new achievements to earn.

Glass Balance (iPhone, iPad) Free

Puzzler Glass Balance mixes two tried-and-true formulas most players have seen before and enjoyed. The first is balancing, in which you drop objects onto two sides of a fulcrum and need to keep them from tipping off the sides. In Glass Balance, that means pieces of glass that are of different shapes and colors, which you need to keep balanced in order to stay in the game. To score points, however, you need to get your match-three gameplay hat on, and put together combinations of the same color to clear glass pieces from the platform.
As you play through Glass Balance, you’ll be able to nab power-ups that earn you more points, like coins that double your score for a set period. You’ll need to be careful though, as you only have a set number of “lives,” and each piece of glass you lose off the side of your platform costs you one. Glass Balance includes Game Center support, so you can check your best scores against those of your friends or players from across the globe.

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