Business Investment Easy, Safe and Daily Profit

ProfitClicking (JBP JustBeenPaid), is an online program designed by Frederick Mann with the concept of providing an opportunity for many people to get online in an easy way. In ProfitClicking, you do not need to sell a product, or hiring quotas. All you need is to just buy Tripler positions. Easy is not it?
ProfitClicking business is advertising. Every 10 Triplers you buy gives you 1000 ad credits.Loans are each equal to one page view. You can advertise your own website, referral links from other programs, online stores, etc. so long as the Terms and Conditions Traffic Exchanges.
Opportunity of Business Investment - Easy, Safe and Daily Profit
So how members earn from ProfitClicking?
1. Buying advertising packages (Advertising Package: 1 advertising package for 1000x ad impressions = $ 10 applies multiples. Every purchase ad packages will get profit-sharing, a total of 150% of the purchase value advertising packages. Which will be distributed each day for 81 days (Saturday-Sunday 1 , 5% = $ 0.15 per day and Monday-Friday
2% = $ 0.20 per day) total 150% or $ 15, the greater the value of advertising package that you buy the besat profit sharing reply you get. examples purchased $ 100 to $ 150, buy $ 1000 to $ 1500 ff. In order to maximize profit which is obtained simply doing setting “AUTO Repurchase”
2. You can get affiliate commission from other people who become your referrals, commission of 10% of the value of the ad package purchased by referral level 1 and 5% of the referral level 2.
3. You will get a rebate $ 60 of every 1 panel ProftClicking (cycle 2 × 2). every 4 advertising package that mature (has resulted in profit for 81) will be 1 panel Profitclicking, force multiplier. to accelerate to get rebate $ 60 (cycle 2 × 2) you can buy $ 20 for one panel and refer org ProfitClicking others to do the same thing. it could be free but must wait to happen cycle.
Opportunity of Business Investment - Easy, Safe and Daily Profit-profitclicking
4. When you get a referral rebate $ 60, then you will get a commission of $ 5 from level 1 and $ 2.5 of level 2.
5. You will also get a commission from your referrals, every refferal you buy Success Training Packages (upgrade level 2 to 3 months), Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 priced at $ 57, $ 28.50 commission per sales transaction, every refferal you buy Success Training Packages ( upgrade level 3 for 3 mths) Product: Killer Success Tricks 8 -? price of $ 117, $ 58.50 commission per sale occurs.


Points 3 and 4 level 1 qualified upgrade worth $ 15 for 3 months (Success Training Packages, Product: The Big Success Breakthrough).
Points 5 conditions must upgrade level 2 and level 3 (buy buy Success Training Packages.)
The choice is in your hands, source of income from ProfitClicking:
• Passive income without upgrading: total 150% profit sharing if done “AUTO Repurchase” +150%
• Active income without upgrading: + profit sharing commission referral
• Active income + upgrade: profit sharing, commission income + referral points 3,4 and 5).
So how ProfitClicking get the money?
Streams of income is as follows:
$ 10 Tripler positions
4-8% withdrawal fee
$ 5-10 Placement, and Premiums
$ 15 Level 1 Upgrade Fees
$ 20 JSS position
So how can we ensure that ProfitClicking a sustained indefinitely?
Frederick Mann wants 98% of the people who want to get through the internet to be successful. In order for that to happen, he thought for almost six years to have a system that sustained indefinitely, so the Restart feature was created.

So how ProfitClicking Restart Feature make Indefinitely Sustainable?
First let’s look at both sides.
Tripler position. ProfitClicking pay 2% (MF) and 1.5% (Saturday-Sunday) to members everyday. It is considered an obligation by the company because at some point in time, the money will go out cash out.
JSS position or matrix. Matrix is a Double Asset Money Multiplier damm. It is considered as an asset by the company because for every dollar they pay $ 60, $ 80-120 dollars must come first (via Placement and Premium) and it was $ 20 – $ 60 dollar rebate income before they pay $ 60. That’s what makes an asset.
Restart amend (Triplers) to assets (JSS positions). Restart will also take a percentage Tripler positions, and their premature end to stop paying 2% and 1.5% daily payments, then change Triplers into JSS positions. Your daily earnings will be reduced by Restart, but in the long run you will get more out of your JSS positions than what you would get from your expired Tripler positions.

*Updete: Now daily profit is 2% [Monday-Friday], and 1% [Saturday-Sunday]
if you have any questions about this profitclicking investment program, please send an email to us, to: SEND ME MSG In FACEBOOK      
 we are ready to help you.

Earn 2% Weekdays/ 1% Weekends on Money Spent to Purchase Traffic Packages

If you start with 500$ you win 10$/day and can buy a new package in every day and after 3-4 month you will be win250-270 $/ day and can buy a new 10 packages and can withdraw 150-170$ in every day , this is 4500 - 5100 $ per month !!

Payout acounts  that you can  make money in your acount 

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