Major Chinese Cybercriminal Gang Dismantled by Authorities, 58 Arrested

Chinese authorities have arrested a total of 58 individuals believed to be connected to what’s called the largest cybercriminal scheme that China has seen so far. The fraudsters are suspected of stealing around 300 million Yuan ($47,953,200 or 36,600,000 EUR) from their victims.
The cybercrooks used a piece of malware in order to steal online payment details. Then, they would use the stolen credentials to purchase online game credits which they sold to players.

Their targets – many of them shop owners – would be contacted via QQ messenger and presented with a hard-to-refuse offer. By tricking the users into clicking on malicious links, they could push the information-stealing virus onto their computers, Sina informs.

The Trojan they used to steal their victim’s online banking details was cleverly designed to avoid being detected by antivirus solutions. 

As a result of the police investigation, 112 computers and 456 payment cards have been seized.

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