McDonald's Thailand Hacked, Around 2,000 Customer Details Leaked

The group of Turkish hackers that claimed responsibility forbreaching Pepsi Hungary a few weeks ago, Turkish Agent Hacker Group, now claims to have penetrated the website of McDonald’s Thailand (mcthai.co.th).

As a result of the hack, the names, physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, registration dates and other details of around 2,000 individuals have been dumped online.

The hackers have also published administrator usernames and passwords. As Cyber War News underscores, it’s no surprise that the site has been breached, considering that the admins are using passwords that can be easily guessed.

The information from the Pastebin paste is not sensitive, but it’s more than enough for a targeted attack. 

On the other hand, considering that the administrator’s credentials are contained in the leak in clear text, along with the URL of the admin panel, I will not be providing a link to it.

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