PlayStation 4: What we expect, what it needs, and why

Sony's February 20 event in New York City will likely mark the announcement of the PlayStation 4 and simultaneously usher in the next generation of console gaming. (Sorry, Wii U, but you're more last-gen than next-gen.)
Rumors mills are also churning out details confidently declaring that the Xbox 360 successor will also see the light of day before June's big E3 gaming show in Los Angeles.
Perhaps the biggest news? Both consoles could make their debuts -- gasp -- this year. That's a hyperspeed acceleration in the gaming world, where a console's release is often 12 to 15 months after its initial coming out party.
You'll remember about six-and-a-half years ago Microsoft beat Sony to the punch by pushing out the albeit dead-on-arrival (see: red ring of death) Xbox 360 in November of 2005, while Sony followed suit a year later with the PlayStation 3. In a move akin to posting "first!" in the comments section of a new YouTube video, Sony has made sure the PlayStation 4 gets first crack in 2013.
Whether or not the gaming public is ready to embrace them, these next-generation consoles are coming. On February 20, Sony will cast the first stone in New York City, with an event that most likely give the world its very first glimpse of the next PlayStation.
So what do we already know?
Surprisingly, not a whole lot. Most recent reports point out that the PlayStation 4 will focus on "new playing options." What does that mean? Look for Sony to reinforce the idea of a multiscreen experience, be it through the PlayStation Vita or your tablet and mobile phone. The company has a history of struggling to implement that kind of device relationship -- PlayStation Certified, anyone? -- so it makes sense that the PlayStation 4 might provide a new chance to repair that bond.
Sony has also expressed a desire to instill the PS4 as the living room "nerve center" (stop me if you've heard that before), which opens the door for any number of possibilities. Could the PS4 be the beachhead of Sony's rumored online TV service, or possibly double as a DVR? With the addition of a long list of media apps -- Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Amazon Instant -- PlayStation 3 (and Xbox 360 for that matter) have done an impressive job at gradually monopolizing the living room's attention, so it'll be interesting to see how Sony plans to build upon that.

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