How can I Change my Windows NT Administrator Password

To change WindowsNT password locally, such as Windows NT Administrator password, follow the below listed steps carefully:
  • Click on the <Start Menu> from the desktop’s taskbar
  • Choose and click on <Control Panel> from the Start Menu
  • Choose and click on <User Accounts> from the list of options in the Control Panel
  • Choose the option <Change an Account>
  • Select the user account for which you wish to change the password
  • Select <Change the password> option
  • It prompts you for the current password <Enter the current password>
  • It prompts you for a new password <Enter the new password>
  • It prompts you for a new password confirmation <Confirm the new password>
  • Enter a word or a phrase to use as a password hint
These instructions only work if you know your current Windows NT Adminstrator password. If you have lost your Administrator password, please refer to How do I recover a lost Windows NT Administrator Password? article.

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