iLounge Source: iPhone 5 With 4-Inch Screen, New Dock Connector, New Back

iLounge Source: iPhone 5 With 4-Inch Screen, New Dock Connector, New Back


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The well-sourced iLounge has painted a new picture of what the iPhone 5 could look like, including its screen size, connectivity, and use of metal (maybe LiquidMetal?) on its back.
Chunky details are emerging from an unnamed source at iLounge. Jeremy Horwitz usually delivers the goods over there, so what he has to say is most definitely checking out. Here’s what he had to say about the iPhone 5:
“. . . the new iPhone will indeed be longer and thinner than the iPhone 4 and 4S. Approximate measurements are 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm—a 10mm jump in height, nearly 2mm reduction in thickness, and virtually identical width. According to our source, Apple will make one major change to the rear casing, adding a metal panel to the central back of the new iPhone. This panel will be flat, not curved, and metal, not ceramic.”
The rear metal casing, as iLounge’s in-house graphics guru has depicted above, could very well fit in nicely with the recent LiquidMetal rumors, no? In a sense, it’s hard to imagine that Apple would use the incredibly innovative LiquidMetal alloy to make a very plain-backed iPhone 5. Some have suggested that it’ll feature some kind of etched, holographic feature (maybe the Apple logo?). Whatever it is, it would have to substantiate the extra cost of using it — Apple may own the exclusive rights to use LiquidMetal on gadgets, but it doesn’t own the company. Thus, using it will be an expense.

Horwitz also had this to say:
The change in height will include a lengthening of the prior 3.5” screen to roughly 4” on the diagonal. As the new iPhone won’t widen, this appears to confirm that Apple will change the new iPhone’s aspect ratio for the first time since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007, adding additional pixels to the top and bottom of the screen. A change of this sort took place between the fourth and fifth generations of the iPod nano, but didn’t impact any third-party software. This obviously will.”
This rumor is interesting because it synthesizes a lot of what we’ve been hearing over the past weeks about the longer-but-not-wider iPhone 5 design. Some suggested that that storyline was more than just an accident; that it was floated into the rumor mill to gauge its response among Applefolk. It appears that iLounge’s source is all but confirming it to be true.
Finally, remember rumors of a smaller dock connector for the iPhone 5? Well:
Apple will also introduce its new Dock Connector on the new iPhone. The new port will be a little larger than the bottom speaker or microphone hole on the iPhone 4/4S. It’s believed to have fewer pins than the prior 30-pin Dock Connector, perhaps only 16, and the shape of the hole is apparently closer to a pill shape than the prior rounded rectangle. It will be used on all upcoming devices, including an update to the iPod touch that’s expected this year, and will almost certainly feature a similarly updated screen and CPU.”
Again, if iLounge’s source is right, then all the rumors are coming true. Of course, changing the dock connector will account to a mushroom cloud in the iPhone accessories sector, with anything that works with the current dock connector immediately becoming a “legacy accessory.” iLounge doesn’t really substantiate why Apple would change the connector, though one can assume it has to do with freeing up space inside the chassis.
Also, it’s worth noting that we also got a hint about a new iPod Touch. So, to be sure, there is plenty to focus on in this new rumor. If only it had something to say about the release date.


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