Android malwares hosted in Google Play by "apkdeveloper"

android malware
List of malicious apps hosted by apkdeveloper

Once again, Malicious android apps have been found in Google Play.  A developer named "apkdeveloper" hosted a number of android malware in the Google Play.

The malware author used popular app names for his malicious apps by adding "super" at the end of the name . He also posted fake reviews to lure innocent users into downloading the malware .

"Obviously faked from the app either by asking people to give 5 stars to unlock the game (quite a common trick) or the people that made the app have found a way to publish reviews to the play store automatically. Wouldn't surprise me to be honest." One of the Reddit user's comment reads.

According one of the Reddit comment, the fake apps asked permissions for 'approximate location', 'percise location', 'full network access', 'read phone calls', 'mod or delete data on your sd card', 'find accounts', 'control vibration', ladies, 'run at startup', 'test access to protected storage'.

The malware author has been banned from google Play, after a Reddit post drew attention to the malware infested apps.

We are not sure how many users have been affected by this malicious app. Make sure you didn't install one of these malicious app.

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