Winterboard: Changing Themes On iPhone 4

Apple has become the No. 1 Smartphone seller recently, overtaking Nokia. But it’s product like iPhone and iPod completely lack customization options. You just might get bored with the usual user interface as well as theme preset on it.
With WinterBoard and DreamBoard Tweaks on Cydia, available after jailbreak you can get the maximum customization options for your iPhone 4 and iPod, and with DreamBoard now available for free on Cydia along with a free demo theme makes things much more advanced and you can make your iPhone look like its working on any other OS like HTC Android or Windows 7 and much more.


WinterBoard gives your iPhone, iPod a graphical makeover from changing your device’s background, springboard icons or lockscreen looks, using ringtones packs downloaded from Cydia to changing its complete look. Multiple themes can also be installed at once using the configuration interface: simply by dragging themes into priority order. Most of themes are available for free on Cydia and are easy to download. Here are the guidelines from installing WinterBoard to  setting up themes on to your device.

Installing WinterBoard on your Jailbroken device.

Open Cydia, go to Search and type WinterBoard in the search box.
Tap on WinterBoard tweak that appears. After the page loads tap on Install on the top right corner of your screen.
After the second page opens up click on confirm to begin the process of downloading and then the tweak will automatically install.
After the installation is complete, you will have to reboot your device.
When your device switches on, there will be a Winterboard icon on your homescreen.
Open winterboard, select the theme you want to use. you can also set priority order of themes if you are using multiple themes.

Downloading and setting up themes on Winterboard.

You can download all that you require to customize from Cydia.
Follow these simple steps to set up a theme in Winterboard:
From Cydia download and install any theme you want to use.
Open Winterboard and select the theme you want to use. In case you are using multiple themes, you can also set the priority.
Press the Home button or Tap ‘respring’ when you have selected the theme.
After the device resprings, the theme will be active.
tip: As a matter a fact the winterboard is old fashioned now days. The interface is altered and has more beautiful graphics in DreamBoard which changes the overall look of the iOS and does not even require respringing your device. Click here to  know more about DreamBoard.

From : iphone5jailbreaktips.com

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